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We offer a choice of career training with programs as wide-ranging as health care, business, information technology, legal and skilled trades. Start your training with the backing of an entire team dedicated to helping you get into your new career.

Health Care Programs
Health care is one of Everest's most popular program categories. With the demand for health care services projected to grow substantially in the years ahead, it's no wonder that demand for health care career training is equally high. At Everest, you can train to be a Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Dental Assistant, Massage Therapist, Pharmacy Technician, Nurse or Surgical Technologist. You can complete many of these programs and be ready to pursue your career in a year or less.

Business Programs
Or maybe you have a flair for business. Are you well-organized? Systematic? Good at managing and motivating others? Then consider one of the Business or Accounting programs. Business or Accounting training can qualify you to seek work as a salesperson, customer service representative, administrative assistant, bookkeeper, or management trainee.

IT Programs
Having a good, logical mind can also help you succeed in the world of information technology (IT). If computers are your passion, the Computer Information Science programs may be just what you need to "re-boot" to a better life.

Criminal Justice Programs
Perhaps you're more interested in a public service-type career. In that case, one of the Criminal Justice programs could help get you started. Graduates of the Criminal Justice programs have gone on to enjoy rewarding careers as security officers, investigators, social workers and parole/probation officers.

Legal Programs
Law is closely related to criminal justice, but also involves governing activities beyond the realm of crime and punishment. As a graduate of one of the Legal Assistant/Paralegal programs, you could work in a law office that specializes in contract law, corporate law, family law, litigation, patent law, or any number of other legal specialties. Paralegals also work for government agencies and service organizations.

Skilled Building Trades
Finally, if you're the kind of person who likes to work with his/her hands, we have many skilled trades programs that can get you trained and ready to seek work in about a year. These building trade programs include Electrician, Carpentry; Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC); and Plumbing Technology.