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The day pictures are clear

2012-5-21 21:36:35       Hits

This camera does exactly what I wanted it to do. I would like to have a larger memory card but I'll settle to get a few more cards for longer trips and you need to record only when you feel necessary which helps. Picture is nice and does record license plates which may be helpful in the future. As stated before this is an excellent entry level camera fairly easy to use and does the job. I have not tried it at night but most of my need is for daytime.

Would have rated 5 stars but the directions were translated poorly and printed at about a font size of "2." Impossible to read without a magnifying glass. However, there is a lot to read--many features, very adaptable, and since I've been able to run it more or less continually for over a week I find it is steady, very clear (HD quality), and with features surprising for the price. Great unit.

For my first dash cam, it is not bad. The day pictures are clear. Hard to see moving plate numbers. I have not checked the night videos yet. It has locked up twice in a week, once recognized, easily restarted. The length of time the recordings cycle is short and not adjustable. I have missed things that I wanted to record.