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This tablet is perfect for my desires.

2012-5-23 14:47:07       Hits

This is the first tablet I've owned and so far I am loving it! Very easy to set up and use, especially for a novice who is not exactly digital-savvy. The Verizon service is great, I have contacted them with a few questions on using some of the unfamiliar features, and they've been very nice and very patient! I watch a lot of things online, and this tablet has beautiful clarity and picture quality and no buffering or snags at all. It's a great little tablet.

Having already purchased the LG G Pad 8.3 earlier this year and being very impressed with it (it gets used pretty much every day), I was also looking for a smaller (7 inch) tablet with decent performance and micro SD expansion and all I can say is LG must have been listening to my pleas, as this little tablet is perfect. I bought the white model, but it should be noted that the white version actually has a black front- only the back and sides are white. It does look nice though.

This tablet is perfect for my desires. Check emails, twitter, facebook, check news, weather, sports scores and a couple of games. I would recommend this tablet to anyone I know.