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So far Moto X 2015 performance is ok.

2013-5-21 17:27:32       Hits

It has been 15 hours and 49 minutes since the phone had a full charge. I have been using it all day. It is at 55%. This included downloading all apps, and installing everything. Screen on time so far is almost 4 hours. Biggest battery drain is Wifi from installing everything. I have not run out of space on this phone yet. It also has great features for privacy. You can block apps from knowing you gps, network id, accessing mobile data, accessing your microphone, camera, contacts etc. You can do this specifically for each app. I have never seen such customization in regards to privacy.

Another big drain was the fact I didn't have a sim card in for a few hours, so it was searching for cell signal, which drains all android phones, and even iPhones. Once I entered airplane mode with wifi on, that mistake on my part was fixed.

Finally, you can easily enter developer mode, and limit background processes to 2-3, which REALLY SPEEDS UP THE PHONE. You won't miss texts or emails, it just scraps app data after you have stopped using it as a recent app. Everyone should do this. Go to about my phone in settings, and tap build number 7 times. Then go to developer mode, and scroll to the bottom. Change background processes, and your phone will get smoother right away.

This phone is great, I have been using it as a back up because my Moto X (2015) has the worst battery of any phone I have owned. I sync 3 calendars, 3 emails with push, etc., and use my phones heavily throughout the day. The performance hit is worth the boost in battery.