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I received my Garmin 2797 LMT as a gift

2012-5-21 21:36:02       Hits

I received my Garmin 2797 LMT as a gift, but after less than 6 months, the internal lithium-ion battery (part # 361-00066-00) died. Alas, Garmin's 12 month Limited Warranty is very limited and expressly excludes "consumable parts, such as batteries", which is pretty shabby for a device that costs $250.

I was unable to find a replacement battery on Garmin's website. Fortunately, Google found part # 361-00066-00 at a well known auction site and for an investment of $14, I obtained a new one. To replace the battery you'll need the following tools: A T-6 torx bit to undo the ten small screws around the back of the case. A piece of thin, hard plastic (a hard guitar pick works). A thin (1/8th inch) blade, short (3 to 4 inches long) flat-blade screwdriver.

Remove the 10 torx screws at the back of the case. Run the plastic 'pick' all around the perimeter seam between the two halves of the case -- press it into the crack and gently twist all the way around until the halves separate. Open the case very carefully, starting at the top of the unit -- there's a delicate ribbon wire harness inside (at the the base of the unit), that connects the two halves.

Pull the battery connector upwards using its wires (it's a push on rather than a plug in connector). The battery is held in the case with 3 square inches of thin plastic, coated on both sides with "megastick" adhesive, and has to be removed with great care to avoid breaking the Nuvi's thin plastic casing.

Insert the thin flat-blade screwdriver below the corner of the battery adjacent to the strongest part of its recess (there's a rounded injection molded plastic reinforcing web there) and very gently lever downwards on the screwdriver handle. You should start to hear the sound of the adhesive yielding.