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The Digitsea 1080P dash camera

2012-5-21 21:37:09       Hits

The Digitsea 1080P dash camera is a great entry level dash cam with a lot of built-in features. IT comes with the camera itself, a windshield suction mount, a microUSB cable, a microUSB car adapter, and a small instructions pamphlet.

The only thing it doesn't come with is a microSD card but it will support one up to 32GB in size. To use it, you simply mount it on your windshield and plug the cable into your cigarette adapter. It will automatically turn on and stop recording when it senses there is power (car on) and will turn off when there is no power (car off). There is also a built-in battery but according to the manufacturer, the product should be plugged in at all times as it was not designed to be a portable device.

The picture quality is very good, even at night since it has built in infrared lights. You can select which resolution you want to record in. When I tested it, I noticed it used about 9 to 10 GB an hour in 1080p mode. The files roll over every few minutes and if the card gets full, it will overwrite the first file.

The 2.7" LCD screen is the perfect size and is very bright and detailed. If you wish, you can even replay the video on the screen. While you are recording, the screen will turn off after about 5 minutes (but will still record) unless you press any button then it will turn back on.

Overall, this is a very small and nice quality dash cam. Video quality is great and it comes with everything you need to get started. Don't forget to purchase a microSD card if you don't have one lying around.