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This is an amazing product.

2012-5-23 14:50:30       Hits

This is an amazing product. I did not know such an intelligent machine existed and after using it i have realised that its a work of art. Its very nice and compact in size and is packed with loads and loads of features. Firstly i must say it cleans excellent. I cleaned my house with a vaccuum cleaner and even after that when i used this robot it cleaned up dirt which i could not see embedded inside.

It cleans with the help of 2 brushes and a flexible sweeper. You can just switch this machine on and go about doing your own work. This will clean away everything and thanks to the inbuilt sensors it will detect obstructions and slowly move away from it and continue cleaning. Its got good suction power as it cleans really well. It has UV cleaning technology to destroy any germs on the floor.

It has Up to 15degree of climbing ability. You can also set days and time for cleaning and this intelligent machine will automatically start cleaning when it is time. When battery is low it searches for the dock and automatically starts charging itself. It is really an amazing product and I am excited for this new cleaning buddy that i have now. I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.