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Cheap and reasonably good

2012-5-23 14:44:37       Hits

Cheap and reasonably good. Just to be clear, the 270 degrees refers to turning the camera around by hand in the mount; the field of view is 120 degrees. The instructions were so bad that I have regenerated them below.
UPDATE: In response to readers, I'm using the default settings, And am getting about 80 1-minute videos with audio, about 50MB each and they are automatically overwriting the oldest on a 4GB chip. I have not yet filled a 32GB chip (24 hrs)!

l am informed that the menu on items purchased after Dec 3, 2013 has changed, so these instructions may not be useful for people who have purchased such units. Did I mention that these might make dandy motion- activated home security devices?

Dowson Dashboard Video/DVR Operating Instructions
These instructions are based on the actual menu settings of a device delivered in mid-February, 2013. The included instructions did not match.

Switching Modes
1) Press ON/OFF: (on the back of the DVR this is the international O+I superposed).
2) Default mode is Video Recording; press "OK" (which is a round spot on the back of the DVR which lights up) to begin recording. Press it again to stop recording and save file.
3) Press MODE to switch successively between: Video recording (red cam icon), Audio Recording (blue A), Playback (left arrow icon), in circular fashion.