Caustic Soda Lye NaOH 50%

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  • Brand   Asibaba
  • Model   A3-CSL-50
  • Brief Intro

    Molecular Formula:NaOH Molecular Weight: 40.1 CAS No.: 1310-73-2 H.S. Code: 2815.1100 Standard: GB20...


Product description:
Properties: NaOH

Molecular Weight: 40
CAS No.: 1310-73-3
UN No.: 1823, Dangerous
Characterisics:white solid or flakes with strong corrosiveness,easily soluble in water, presenting alkaline solution and heat liberation,presenting deliquescence when exposed to air. 

Items Specification
Purity (%≥) 50.0
Sodium Carbonate (%≤) 0.8
Sodium Chloride (%≤) 0.08
Iron Content (% ≤ ) 0.004


Used as a raw material in the manufacturing of soaps, detergents, textiles and paper. Also, in water softening and treatment, drilling mud in oil field, refining petroleum products, in sanitation, hygiene products. In food and drug industry, it is used as acidity regulator, alkali, impregnant's pigment.

Packed in plastic drums, net weight : 35 kg , 330 kg or 1600kg.