Robot Vacuum Cleaner A3-RSW-K

Publish: 2015-6-2 16:39:21       Hits
  • Brand   Asibaba
  • Model   A3-RSW-K
  • Brief Intro

    Robot vacuum cleaner for home cleaning and house keeping....



1. Round dispatch styling, avant-garde exquisite, compact and lightweight, comfortable and safe

2. With automatic navigation and intelligent function, press the switch to automatically clean the room

3. Low-noise design, the noise is only 70 decibels, far below the normal vacuum cleaner

4. Ultra-quiet vacuum tank and strong adsorption capacity, you can easily clean, erasing all impurities on the ground

5. Slim design, you can easily drill down to a table, furniture, sofa below, sweeping every corner of the room

6. Front bumper design flexibility, you can automatically avoid obstacles, Difficult return automatically

7. Anti-drop design, effectively prevent the machine from falling stairs, tables and so on

8. External dust box, extract convenient. Electrostatic filter can be reused

9. Soft wheel design, wheel with soft material that will not scratch or damage the floor carpet